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Knowledge Management

With our country built on information and knowledge, to obtain, or even retain the knowledge we receive on a daily basis is a taxing enterprise. Knowledge management is a fundamental factor, especially in corporate levels. We understand this need and extend the best of trainers who are actively involved in their field of expertise. know more

Information Technology

With increasing globalization in the national economy, IT becomes a pivotal determinant to success. Commonly misunderstood to be a complex theory, information technology is generating, storing and exchanging information and data in various forms.It is simply a manifestation of logic and arithmetic dexterity Know more


Collaboration and innovation are the two key factors for Internettechies. This is why we have our focus on providing expert reviews on achieving objectives of our clients. Our system integration techniques are excellently handled by those who have an exceptional control over their fields. Know more

About Us

Our drive to innovate helped us to look at the existing market and gauge the potential for certain products which had an ample scope for improvisation; Internettechies was conceptualized after assessing this opportunity. From our research we could deuce that there is an untapped market for certain products/services if the products/services could be offered more efficiently in terms of deployment, usage and maintenance.Our imposing attitude helped us to consider to do just that reoffer and create a niche for ourselves.

At Internettechies we believe that Success can be achieved and sustained if we have attention to detail and all our concepts are centered around this. Meticulous working on the products and services that we offer empowers us to deliver sustainable customer driven solutions at the same time prevents us from losing an opportunity to elevate our service levels and augment our product.

This helps to constantly Keep pace with the changing market conditions and be a step ahead of our competitors.

  • Directors

    Geetha Ravichandran, CEO, Internettechies, has about rich experience in Banking and Information Technology domains. She has lead projects at different levels towards prospective development of the organisation. Geetha is also an ISO 9001-2015 Internal and Lead Auditor and posses her knowledge towards the welfare of Internettechies.

    Dr.Harish Ramani, Founder & CTO, Internettechies, is a researcher, Security Analyst, Incident Handler and Trainer. He, believes in the notion of finding and understanding the meaning for the words “how, what and why” as he believes this leads towards a prosperous career and a splendid life. He strongly believes extracurricular activities are required to flourish in life and career.


We deliver solutions in an optimum manner with rightful platform knowledge and derivatives. We are a group of Techies interested in identifying Information solutions for prosperous Business model. Our Knowledge sharing platform enables us think logically for betterment of your business towards resourceful outcome.


We maintain a prospective quality for the welfare of our clients. Timely deliverables are always important and it can be expected from us. We work on two aspects of Security: 1. Common Sense and 2. Logical Skills. The thriving factors are the latest threats and mitigating factors. We would always want our customers to Rely On Us & Leave The Rest To Us.



Our Clients

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